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Ceremony IF provided by Hi Fidelity Events
All Hi Fidelity Events Ceremonies include 1/2 hour of prelude/seating music. This is light instrumental music, The songs are selected by us, but you may choose from the 3 styles below. If you wish to choose something else, you will need to provide it on a CD or Ipod. Also be aware we use CORDED microphones for ceremonies to ensure the best audio quality.
Prelude/Seating Music:
Bridal Party Processional:   Bride Processional:  
Unity Ceremony Song:   Recessional Song:  

Reception Highlights
Grand March:
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Grand March Song:
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Toast By:
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Blessing By:
Dinner Served:
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Bride and Groom Dance:
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Bride and Groom Song:  
Parents Dance:
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Bridal Party Dance:
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Bridal Party Song:  
Bouquet Toss:
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Bouquet Toss Style:
Garter Toss:
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Garter Toss Style:
Bride and Father Dance:
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Bride and Father Song:  
Groom and Mother Dance:
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Groom and Mother Song:  
Other Special Dances:
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List Special Dances:  
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Interactive Dance Events
Dollar Dance: Electric Slide:
Bride Circle Dance: Groom Circle Dance:
Chicken Dance: La Macarena:
The Stroll / The Soul Train: Conga Line:
Generations/ Anniversary Dance:: Cupid Shuffle:
Cha-Cha Slide: Hokey Pokey:
Other Special Dance Events (Please Describe): :

Bridal Party Introductions
Parents of the Bride:
Parents of the Groom:
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Bridesmaid & Groomsman (2):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (3):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (4):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (5):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (6):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (7):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (8):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (9):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (10):
Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man:
Bride & Groom:

For cocktail/dinner/background music we typically will use Light Jazz/Big-band/Rat-Pack/Cities 97 styles. We DO NOT allow custom songs/playlists for this.
Generally in a 4 hour dance, 50-60 songs can be played, excluding events such as: spotlight dances, bouquet/garter tosses, dollar dance, etc.
We recommend picking 15-20 songs. This gives your DJ sufficient flexibility to blend in guest requests, and popular reception songs. If you put a song on the DO NOT PLAY LIST, we will NOT play it, even if requested by a guest.
You are not limited to the songs on our list. The list is simply the most requested/dance-able songs for weddings.
Due to licensing laws, we are NOT able to play music from YOU-TUBE. We also do not recommend it for music research, as many of the songs are mislabeled.

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